Personal Worship – “O For A Closer Walk”

ACC Editor Personal Worship

In the first of a new series, ACC worship band member Kemp Anderson discusses a worship song that holds special meaning to him.

Among the many worship songs Stuart Townend and Keith Getty have given to the modern church, this modernisation of an old hymn is one that has a special place in my heart. The original was written in 1772 by William Cowper, who struggled throughout his life with depression and mental wellbeing. Born out of those struggles, the message of the song is timeless – a heartfelt admission of our need for God and plea for personal renewal through faith in the face of adversity.

I’ll admit there have been times when my faith has been at a low ebb. As we struggle with the challenges of everyday life it’s easy to forget sometimes that God’s promise to love us is eternal and unchanging. When God seems distant to us, we should realise the problem is not that He has abandoned us, it’s that we have moved away from Him in some way. This song is a great reminder to me that if that’s the case, I need to set aside the things of this world, get back to basics and walk a closer path with Him again.