Prayer – a poem by Ian Kenji

ACC Editor Archived

When you became a Christian, you became one with the Lord,
With all the amazing benefits that position affords.
For when you’re adopted into the family of God,
You gain access to Him, as He gives a wink and a nod.

Your Heavenly Father wants to have a relationship with you,
Because you are loved and not because of what you do.
He no longer sees you as a failure and sinner,
He only sees Jesus in you, which makes you a winner.

Prayer is a privilege to have access to the King,
Which allows the blessings only God can bring.
And through His Spirit, we are kept ever close,
To accomplish not only much but accomplish the most.

The Holy Spirit is a guide that directs our steps,
To stay grounded in Christ, lest we ever forget.
Reminding us of what God seeks for our lives,
And as we pray, He opens our eyes.

Prayer becomes a “cardio” work-out to build strength,
The Holy Spirit our own personal trainer, helping us at any length.
So, your heart becomes more like God’s every day,
In all that we do, in all that we say.

This way we become closer to the loving, caring, all-knowing God,
Who loved us while we were lost and so very far apart.
God never misses a whisper or even a thought,
Answering every request, we’ve ever brought.

Pray for wisdom, compassion, or any lost soul,
God is ready to relieve what has taken its toll.
Pray for yourself asking God to forgive,
Pray for others, so they might abundantly live.

Pray the scriptures to show you study His word,
Pray for goodness when we are not always good.
Pray with others or pray alone,
Prayer is communication better than any iPhone.

We say we love God, but have we told Him lately?
He wants to communicate with us and do it greatly.
Close your eyes and open your hearts,
Open your eyes and see where to start.

Whatever we do, God wants to be there too,
Give Him the chance to show what He can do.

Let us pray!