Growing In Faith

A learning and caring community - Where we value the Bible as God's inspired word to us and where people of every age and ability are encouraged to seek to know God more, to grow in their understanding of him and to be changed in the process. Where we learn what it means to love God first and our neighbours as ourselves. Where we practically care for one another; where concern for others is demonstrable and where inclusion and love for one another leads to real, tangible and lasting unity.

At ACC we take discipleship very seriously. It is significant that the word “Christian” is only used 3 times in the entire New Testament to describe followers of Jesus (and on at least one of those occasions it is used sarcastically), yet the word “Disciple” is used around 264 times! This word (and what it stands for) is therefore the key in understanding what it means to know, follow and become like Jesus Christ – which is the essence of what we refer to as discipleship.

So what do we offer as “on-ramps” for people to get on to the road of becoming disciples of Jesus?

Discipleship Groups

Here at ACC we take discipleship very seriously. Based on the teaching and example of Jesus, as well as the practice of the early Church, learning together, supporting one another as we follow Christ and living out our faith are the essential marks of what it means to be a Christian. This is what the Bible means when it refers to the first Christians as “disciples” which, by the way, is by far the most common word used in the Bible to describe followers of Jesus.

Discipleship at ACC can be a one-on-one group of two people involving a mature Christian meeting regularly with, encouraging, instructing and sharing with another believer. Or it can be small groups of people meeting together under the guidance, again, of a more mature Christian leader. Or occasionally it can be a larger group, such as a number of people who have collectively come through an ALPHA course and continue to meet for discipleship.

Currently we run the following discipleship groups:

Mens Group (for Iranians)

This group meets every second Tuesday evening in a home in the Govan area of the city, from 7:30-9:30pm. Currently it consists of four Iranian men who have become Christians and want to study the Bible together. However any man is welcome to join the group at anytime. Currently we are studying our way through the Book of Acts.
Ladies Group

This group meets every Wednesday morning, currently in the home of one of the ladies in the Pollokshields area of the city. After sharing coffee/ tea and lovely treats, we study the Bible together and end with a time of prayer for one another. This year we are going consecutively through the women of the Bible. Any lady is welcome to join us. We meet from 10-11:30am.


Three times each year (Autumn, Winter & Spring sessions) we offer a variety of what we refer to as “Hubs”. These usually run for about 10 weeks and are opportunities for people to gather together around a common area of interest, doing this together, sharing with one another and praying together. We are currently offering the following Hubs:

Click on the Hub name for more details.

Pastoral Care

“Carry one another’s burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2). At ACC we believe it is all of our responsibility to care pastorally for one another. No one person can possibly do all of this, whether that is a Pastor or another individual. We do have a Pastoral Care co-ordinator (Graeme Muir) who works alongside our Pastor and a wide team of people to try our best to have a church which cares one for another.


Bible in a Year

Ask God to give you eyes to see the worth of Scripture and to waken in you an unyielding desire for the Word of God. This is a fight for joy, and the weapon is a fresh sight of how the worth of God’s Word surpasses all things on this earth.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Today's Reading:
1 Samuel 24 - 1 Samuel 25:23-44

1 Samuel 24

1 Samuel 25:1-22

1 Samuel 25:23-44