Sharing In Mission

A missional & serving Community

Where the commission of Jesus "Go and make disciples of all nations" influences the way we live our lives and shapes our words and actions. Where we are motivated to follow Jesus, taking the good news about him out of our buildings and comfort zones, meeting people where they are and serving them in his name. Where our commitment to this mission and our openness to the Holy Spirit results in transformed lives and communities and people being added to the Kingdom of God.

Auldhouse Foodbank

Auldhouse Foodbank takes place in the basement of our church on a Thursday (11:30am-2pm).

It is a drop-in ministry when anyone from the local community can come in for some lunch (courtesy of our local Gregg's) or, if they need, receive several bags of food from our foodbank. We don't operate on a voucher or referral basis, so clients can just show up when the foodbank is open. We'll then collect their information and explain how we can help them with food.

Auldhouse Foodbank also provides the opportunity for people to make friends, to have a chat about any concerns or struggles, and to find out about other local organisations who may be able to help them with the situations they find themselves in. We also, on occasions, are able to help people with other items such as clothes, toys, fuel cards and some basic household items.

Alpha Course

We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view - wherever they are in the world.

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone is welcome. It runs in cafés, churches, universities, homes – you name it. No two Alphas look the same, but generally they have three key things in common: food, a talk and good conversation.

We normally run ALPHA once a year, or on special occasions (ie. Youth Alpha, Alpha in schools or even in homes with a few people). Please click the "Try Alpha" button to see is we have an upcoming Alpha Course.

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Community Partners

There's also lots going on in our local community.

Check out the links below to see what's going on & how we can be involved.
Home-Start Glasgow South is a leading family support charity striving to give young children the best possible start in life. They work with families to help them overcome issues including isolation, mental health difficulties, bereavement, family breakdown, addiction, physical ill-health and many others.

They’ve been supporting local families across the south of Glasgow for 17 years and have grown to become the largest Home-Start in Scotland and one of the largest in the UK.

The Foodbank is just one of the ways in which we try as a church to help meet the needs of the community around us. To find out more about the Foodbank and what is happening, please click here.

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Mission Partners

Every now and then we will have prayer updates from missionaries on our Mission Blog. We also commit to praying for other churches in the area as we seek to work together to live out the Kingdom of God. Pray with us each week

As a church we are committed to praying, tithing and to supporting the work of the Kingdom of God through several mission organisations.
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