Who We Are

We are an independent, community church based on the South side of Glasgow. Our background is rooted in the Evangelical tradition but we seek to work closely with all Christian churches who desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ and God's love in word and deed.
We endeavour to engage with and listen to our wider community and become more aware of how we can better serve others as followers of Jesus. In all of this our aim is to be people who are always living out what we believe, motivated and guided in everything we do by God’s Spirit.
Please feel free to join us here, on Facebook, or even better in person at any time!

Our Mission

Changing Lives – changing communities

This phrase captures the balance between what we desire to see take place within us as a community and what we desire to see happen through us in the wider diverse communities around us. It also reminds us that ultimately communities change as individual lives are changed. This phrase reminds us and keeps our focus on “community”, and it also lays stress on the fact that change is essential, ongoing and permanent. None of this can happen unless God is shaping and changing us by his Spirit.

Our Staff

Don Palmer

Pastor & Team Leader

Don Palmer is our Pastor, having joined us at ACC in September 2011, arriving from Toronto, Canada with his wife Kirstin and their three sons, Chris, Phil and Cameron.
Don is originally from Belfast, N. Ireland but has been involved in Christian ministry in Edinburgh, York and Toronto previous to Glasgow.
He completed his B.Th and M.Div in Theology during two spells in Canada and so far he has had one book published: The Kingdom of God (Evangelical Press).
Apart from his family, his other passions are football and American football (though only as a spectator these days); he's an avid reader (mainly theology & history), loves watching movies (especially historical epics) and listening to classic rock music.

Clare Malloy

Community Worker

Clare Malloy is our Community Worker and works with us on a part-time basis (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Clare studied international development and managed community health care projects in rural Uganda. She then ran a community-based adult literacy project in Pollokshaws, and so knows our local community well. At ACC Clare oversees our Care and Share Cafe and Foodbank ministry, liaises with other community organisations and runs our busy Toddlers Group each week. Outside of her work here, Clare's lively family keep her on the go. She is also an active member of The Community of the Risen Christ.

Scholtz Van Der Walt

Youth Coordinator

Scholtz van der Walt started as our Youth Coordinator in 2019. Scholtz, Amy and their 4 kids (plus McGonagall the cat) moved from Ayr where Scholtz worked in youth and schools work. Before that they were part of church families in Colney Heath (near St. Albans), Hastings, York, Crawley and South Africa. Scholtz and Amy both have a very varied career history which includes airport flight staffing, IT, telecommunications, retail, administration and social services contact work. When Scholtz is not busy with family life, or tinkering around the house, he enjoys cycling, walking, RC Cars, motorbikes and pretty much anything that burns fuel and makes a lot of noise. He has an immense passion for worshipping the King of creation and to see young people meet with and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus. His dream is to look back one day and "know that I glorified God in all things and left a legacy that will allow those I worked with and alongside to grow deeper in the relationship with their Father, through Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Their Lord, Saviour and Companion."

What We Believe

In our contemporary culture it is easy to be overly absorbed with our own personal experience, preferences, history, beliefs and church background. When we do this we are in danger of putting God on the sideline and approaching life with ourselves in the driver’s seat. Moreover, we often tend to promote our own individualized viewpoint and fail to join hands with all who love and follow Jesus Christ and embrace the truth that is found in him.

Statement of Faith

This has been adapted from what is known as The Apostles Creed – an ancient statement of belief, probably constructed sometime in the 2nd century, which all Christians around the world, and in all times, agree expresses the core essentials of their faith. Over the years various groups of Christians have tried to add to this and expand it in many details but everytime they have tried to do so it has ultimately led to further divisions (and denominations) within Christianity. We believe that this creed is still the best summary of Christian beliefs and can be a powerful tool to bring unity among the Christian Church around the world today. The section at the bottom about the Bible is not taken from this creed, but is our summary of what we believe about Scripture.
1 One God
We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of all things, who eternally exists as a community of three persons sharing one essence.
2 Jesus Christ
We believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord;

…that he came into our world as the promised Saviour and King of Israel
…that he was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary
…that he lived a life of perfect obedience to God and love towards others
…that he suffered and died on the cross for the sins of all humanity
…that he was buried, and descended into the place of the dead, but on the third day he rose again – having conquered death, sin and all the powers of evil
…that he ascended into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God his Father, at the place of all authority, where he prays for and represents us before God
…that he has established his Kingdom on earth and will come again to fully consummate this Kingdom and to judge all who are alive as well as those who have died
3 Holy spirit
We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Author and Giver of life;

…who proceeds from the Father and the Son,
…who is given freely to all who believe in Jesus Christ,
…who enables and equips us fully for life and service
4 The Church
We believe in one, holy, apostolic and universal Church, the fellowship of all Christians both now and through all ages;

…in the gift of the forgiveness of sins,
…in the promise of the resurrection of the body,
…in the gift and promise of eternal life
5 The Bible
We also believe that God, through the Holy Spirit, used human agents to record and preserve the integrity of the contents of the 66 books which we call the Holy Bible. We believe that, because the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit, it is the written Word of God, is without error in all that it affirms and is therefore authoritative, trustworthy, complete and relevant for life in every generation and age. God, who gave us these Scriptures, still speaks powerfully and directly through them today, as they witness to Jesus Christ who is the living Word of God, and through whose life and teaching we interpret and understand the rest of Scripture. The supreme reasons why these have been given are to reveal to us who God truly is, to teach us about his purpose in human history, and to instruct us how we may know him and show us how we should live.

Mary Brown Memorial Trust

For over 50 years, Mrs Mary Brown was a member of Auldhouse Community Church (formerly known as Netherauldhouse Evangelical Church).She was a lady of great Christian faith, passionate for Christian endeavour and relief of all those who are disadvantaged (whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the world).

On her death in November 2017 (aged 94) Mrs Brown bequeathed a very significant sum to the Church for the support of other Charities. The Mary Brown Memorial Trust was established as a separate Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) in July 2018.

The Trust aims to support charities who have a key focus on one or more of our charitable purposes - in particular, we wish to fund projects which are compatible with Christian values and which focus on working with those who are disadvantaged.

Please contact the Trust if you’d like more information on the funding criteria or some clarity on how to apply.